Lisa Silverman

I was trained as a graphic artist and for many years worked in the commercial field.

As life would have it, I eventually got married and had two sons, David and Steven. At this time I left the field of graphics and entered into full time motherhood. This was an extremely happy time in my life though, I did miss having a career.

When my oldest son, David, was approaching Bar Mitzvah age, I started thinking about all the things associated with this landmark occasion. When I went shopping for invitations, I was less than satisfied with both the styles available and the prices. I started thinking about utilizing my skills to create what I was looking for in an invitation. I found that I could employ an array of fonts, colors, papers, styles and designs to meet my expectations.

When family and friends received my invitation and were told I designed and produced them, they clamored to have me make invitations for their special occasions. Word quickly spread and "INVITATIONS BY LISA" was born in the spring of 2000. The personalized products that I created were greatly appreciated and they attracted new clients. Word of mouth has generated most of the work I have been doing since its inception.

At present I am expanding my business to include online requests for production and personalization of invitations for all your special occasions. It would be my great pleasure to serve and accommodate you.